WORLD+® designs state-of-the-art leadership learning experiences that, along with other learning products, address targeted professional and organizational development goals to ensure meaningful and productive outcomes.

  • Skill-Building: all activities are embedded with competencies addressing current and future talent needs.
  • Meaningful Scenarios: leadership experiences are purposefully designed with futuristic themes to accelerate innovative approaches to current and future challenges.
  • Feedback and After Action Activities: assist in making the mental connections from the leadership experience to the intended outcomes.
  • Strategic Goal-Setting and Follow-up: customize learning solutions to ensure lasting impact, continuous improvement and competency development.
  • Evaluating and Measuring Learning Effectiveness: design customizable measurement and learning effectiveness tools.

We address entrenched mental models and thinking that prevents change, blocks innovation and stymies the achievement of new strategies and critical business goals. We challenge assumptions, siloed thinking and utilize the diverse perspectives of all organizational talent.

Overall, audiences experience increased levels of awareness and sensitivity to their own and others’ behavioral impact resulting in greater levels of engagement, communication and empowerment.

Participants also expressed increased confidence in tackling new and nearly unsolvable problems with tight deadlines and limited resources. They also reported working more effectively in virtual teams and across various time zones and multi-cultural teams.

Our mission is to assist individuals in accelerating their learning of leadership so they can more fully and quickly realize their potential, value and contribution in life.