Learn Leadership by Being a Leader

We provide a safe practice space for learning by doing, and the results show it’s working:

  • 90% of participants report increased self-awareness of impact of their behavior on others: colleagues, team members and staff (continued follow-up indicates behavior change as evidenced by improved talent retention and promotions).
  • 100% report the activity was valuable and would most likely continue to use it as a learning tool.
  • 70% report improved resiliency in the face of challenging conditions whether it be with their colleagues or teams.
  • 70% report more positivity with regard to working with individuals from diverse backgrounds, cultures and styles.
  • 40% report it has helped them shape their leadership and management styles with increased confidence.
  • 40% identify a need to be more assertive with their ideas and take more initiative in meetings and problem-solving (subsequent opportunities to actively observe 20% of those who set specific goals on this competency in work settings indicated improvement).
  • 20% of individuals who participated in multiple learning experiences developed sufficient skills to effectively facilitate and manage large group dynamics.

Overall, 100% of participants reported it was well worth their time and they wanted to continue to be invited to future activities. They also reported that learning with and from others’ experiences was invaluable. The ability to innovate more quickly and within tight timelines and other constraints significantly improved.

As a senior executive, my default mode is to always be in control. World+ pushed me to put that on pause and allowed me to actually listen.

John D.
Wealth Management, Philanthropist

Entered without expectations. As the game progressed, I felt more awake, alive, eager to engage, listen, and collaborate.

Michelle S.
Social Impact Entrepreneur

The experience taught me how so many different perspectives and personalities can come together an create a meaningful result.

Ann B.
Talent Acquisition Executive

Dynamic beginning. Very excited and stimulating. Much better than starting a Saturday morning with a lecture.

Brian G.
Doctoral Candidate, Technology and Learning