Leadership cannot be taught – it can, however, be experienced. That’s why at WORLD+® we have designed a portfolio of learning experiences that can address your most urgent leadership development needs.

We’ll discuss your vision and aspirations, and current reality. Then we’ll work with you using experience as our tool to get you closer to your vision.

There are no videos to watch or lectures to listen to. No essays to write or reports to present. Leadership is a learning process – and people learn better by doing.


This basic level within our Metropolitan Tower of Learning delivers real-time learning and addressable performance needs.

  • Leadership Initiative: consisting of a social impact action learning assignment that ties into either a corporate social responsibility goal or other not-for-profit sustainability goal. Having a change assignment that is outside of the normal work environment enhances the need for more meaning and purpose in the every day work as well as an opportunity to learn without on-the-job performance pressures. This type of learning, “Action Learning” has been time-tested and reliable.
  • The Playbook: a one-on-one meeting with a facilitator to ensure there are intentional goals set.
  • Live Experience: a half-day leadership learning experience scenario with a one-hour large group debrief.

Metropolitan Tower of Learning surrounds our leadership experiences with mentor/mentee relationship building opportunities and various assessments on conflict, decision-making, change, negotiation and communication styles. Feedback, evaluation, and follow-up support all of the learning activities for continuous learning and development. Every experience strives to provide abundant opportunities for learning, growing and evolving.


Two other levels are available which take the knowledge and learning from each successive phase to achieve increasing levels of mastery in leadership, transformational change, managerial development, and individual contributor effectiveness.